Online marketing offers you a unique opportunity.

In general terms, we can say that online marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for generating, communicating and providing value to consumers, as well as for managing relationships with consumers so that organizations can benefit. Within the definition of marketing, one can distinguish between social and business definitions.

The social definition reflects the role that Internet businesses play in society, that is, the social process through which both groups and individuals receive what they need and what they want, through the creation, supply and free exchange of valuable products and services for others groups or individuals. Regarding the definition of businesses Success Trait, they say that the purpose of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the products or services are fully consistent with their needs and sell themselves.

Definition of digital marketing: We are currently immersed in the “digital era” in which a new model of marketing strategy and practice is required for doing business: the so-called digital marketing. It is defined as the use of digital technology to promote marketing activities aimed at achieving profitability and customer retention, by recognizing the strategic importance of digital technology and developing a planned approach to improve customer understanding, targeted integrated communication delivery and online services that meet their unique needs, since digital the era has changed the way customers think about convenience, speed, price, product and service information, so digital marketing requires new ways of thinking and acting to make it truly effective.

Digital marketing began with the creation of web pages as a channel for promoting goods or services, but with technological progress and new tools available, especially for managing and analyzing data collected from consumers, digital marketing has acquired new dimensions and is becoming an indispensable tool for modern companies.

Digital marketing is based on 4F (flow, functionality, feedback and loyalty), which are the variables that make up an effective marketing strategy: – Flow: it is determined from the concept of multi-platform or transversality. The user should be attracted by the interactivity created by the site in order to attract attention and not leave it on the first page. – Functionality: navigation should be intuitive and easy for the user; Thus, we will not allow you to leave the page for loss. – Feedback: must be interactive with an Internet user in order to build a relationship with him. The perception you receive and the subsequent reputation you receive are key to achieving trust and bi-directional. This is one of marketing secrets.

Given the knowledge gained about digital marketing through daily contact with the network, we can say that this is an extremely useful tool, because: it gives you the opportunity to focus only on the target audience and communicate directly only with them, without having to spend money on mass marketing campaigns. For small and medium-sized businesses, such as Ingemar, this is very useful, since most of the digital marketing strategies used are aimed at correctly occupying a niche or market using the information that they need or must ultimately make a decision. decision in favor of the company.

This allows you to administer your own database, filter, adjust and segment the list to achieve exactly the desired audience. Allows a large audience at a low price. Digital marketing can be applied without large budgets, thereby promoting goods or services. To do this, you only need to spend time on appropriate strategies to see optimal results. We know that Digital Marketing is setting new consumption habits.

This allows you to get new customers and keep current ones, knowing them and finding out what each of them loves and what he wants, so that communication is more focused and effective every time. It is quick and immediate. Customers and potential customers receive their communication instantly. One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that it is easy to measure. In other words, it provides statistical and analytical control of customer behavior based on communication actions, and also allows you to accurately measure ROI (return on investment), fundamental data for measuring the results. These advantages are extremely useful for small and medium-sized companies, such as these, taking into account information and various strategies, they will undoubtedly help to develop any business.