Internet advertising service that really works.

Over time, our life is gradually filled with interaction through the Internet, and as a result, every day we meet with advertising of various formats in this environment. Therefore, the topic of Internet advertising service is so important. We check our emails in the morning, and we are already starting to receive marketing promotions, some more subtle, such as small notifications on the sides of our email account, and others, more aggressive, such as spam (spam) or those advertisements that they occupy the whole screen, preventing us from continuing our activities. We continue our routine check of social networks.

On Facebook, we receive notifications, which coincidentally are very relevant to our interests. On Twitter, we probably follow some companies that spare no effort to tell their subscribers about their offers, answering their questions and generally reaching a level of interaction with their customers (current and potential) that were not there before. Throughout the day, the websites we visit are full of ads. Images, text alerts, pop-ups, and short videos are constantly displayed on our screen. Currently, there are practically no sites on which there is no advertising. This happens not only through the computer. If you look at our smartphone (smartphone), we will not be able to avoid further advertising integrated into many Internet-connected applications that we use, which means that all materials are published according to the internet marketing plan.

To begin with, an introduction to the work will be presented, the rationale, goals and hypotheses of the implementation of the same. After the introduction, the theoretical part of the dissertation will begin. The basics and definitions of the research topic will be explained. In particular, the definition of digital marketing, its marked growth throughout the world and especially in Europe.

The characteristics offered by the implementation of digital marketing today will be set out explicitly with a detailed description of the characteristics of each digital marketing format. The differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing will be established, demonstrating its most distinctive features and showing the growth of digital marketing in recent years. Subsequently, a theoretical explanation will be given of digital marketing in b2b companies, its application in them and the expected results. On this theoretical basis, the dissertation will focus on the analysis and evaluation of the digital marketing plan, created following the example of Internet promotional strategies.

Its implementation will be explained step by step, the behavior of each tool based on the actions currently being performed by the company, and the preliminary results that will be obtained will be respected in accordance with the budget allocated for this activity. Finally, by summing up and evaluating, the results of the implementation of the digital marketing plan in the proposed company will be evaluated.

However, companies whose products or services are aimed at other companies, B2B (Business to Business); which fit into the classification of SMEs, today they do not have a significant participation on the Internet, so it seems appropriate to analyze and evaluate the results obtained as a result of the application of the digital marketing plan.

Internet promotional strategies were developed for the company proposed for this study, which can be seen in detail in the paragraph below. A special collection will be made so that the proposed SME can choose the profile of the audience to which its advertising is directed, its demographic data, preferences and customs of a particular audience. Thus, advertising is effective and costs are managed by SMEs.

Today, commercial SMEs that carry out their commercial sales are focused on their marketing efforts through their sales representatives, travel sellers, telemarketers who visit their potential customers’ offices to present their products. and in order to establish relationships with their customers that encourage them to make a purchasing decision in favor of the company. Today, however, customer relationships have spread to the Internet. To be for traditional traders an area where they are not entirely convenient. And those who have taken some step to the network do not find the tools understandable and cheap enough to combine them with traditional ones. SMEs in general are not clear how to engage in online advertising. They continue to invest in traditional advertisements, which, in addition to being more expensive, are often difficult to measure, and sometimes even not very productive.